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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2023Rewards for Rehabilitation and Special Education Staff and Their Importance in Employee MotivationAlvanoudi, Noula ; Staboulis, Miltiadis ; Papadopoulos, Konstantinos 
2May-2022Designing Social Robots as Embodied Mediators in Education : the Potential of Participatory DesignFachantidis, Nikolaos ; Christodoulou, Panagiota ; Pliasa, Sofia ; Velentza, Anna-Maria ; Georgakopoulou, Nefeli ; Notios, Nektarios ; Papadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Sfakianakis, Stavros ; Pnevmatikos, Dimitris 
32022Social Educational Robotics Application: Architecture and InterconnectivityPapadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Velentza, Anna-Maria ; Christodoulou, Panagiota ; Fachantidis, Nikolaos 
42022Individuals with and without Visual Impairments Use a Force Feedback Device to Identify the Friction and Hardness of Haptic SurfacesPapadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Koustriava, Eleni ; Georgoula, Evangelia ; Kalpia, Vaia 
52020Environmental information for inclusion in orientation and mobility maps, identified by travelers with blindness: The cases of city centers and neighborhoods/residential areasPapadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Charitakis, Konstantinos ; Koustriava, Eleni ; Kouroupetroglou, Georgios ; Stylianidis, Efstratios ; Müller, Karin ; Sakalli Gumus, Suad 
62020Employers' attitudes toward hiring individuals with visual impairmentsPapakonstantinou, Doxa ; Papadopoulos, Konstantinos 
72020The Impact of Friends’ Social Support on Depression of Young Adults with Visual ImpairmentsPapadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Papakonstantinou, Doxa 
82018Differences in Spatial Knowledge of Individuals With Blindness When Using Audiotactile Maps, Using Tactile Maps, and WalkingPapadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Barouti, Marialena ; Koustriava, Eleni 
92018Orientation and mobility aids for individuals with blindness: Verbal description vs. audio-tactile mapPapadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Koustriava, Eleni ; Koukourikos, Panagiotis 
102017The impact of information on employers’ attitudes towards employees with visual impairmentsPapakonstantinou, Doxa ; Papadopoulos, Konstantinos 
112017Cognitive maps of individuals with blindness for familiar and unfamiliar spaces: Construction through audio-tactile maps and walked experiencePapadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Koustriava, Eleni ; Barouti, Marialena 
122017Comparison of three orientation and mobility aids for individuals with blindness: Verbal description, audio-tactile map and audio-haptic mapPapadopoulos, Konstantinos ; Koustriava, Eleni ; Koukourikos, Panagiotis ; Kartasidou, Lefkothea ; Barouti, Marialena ; Varveris, Asimis ; Misiou, Marina ; Zacharogeorga, Timoclia ; Anastasiadis, Theocharis