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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
127-Sep-2023A Comparative Analysis of Ethereum Solidity and Sui Move Smart Contract Languages: Advantages and Trade-OffsGiatzis, Antonios ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Digkas, Georgios 
2Dec-2022Gamification Design Patterns for User EngagementTriantafyllou, Serafeim ; Georgiadis, Christos 
32022Gamification of MOOCs and Security Awareness in Corporate TrainingTriantafyllou, Serafeim ; Georgiadis, Christos 
41-Sep-2018An approach for web service selection and dynamic composition based on linked open dataVesyropoulos, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Pimenidis, Elias 
52018Ensuring business and service requirements in enterprise mashupsVesyropoulos, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Katsaros, Panagiotis 
62018Model-based design of IoT systems with the BIP component frameworkLekidis, Alexios ; Stachtiari, Emmanouela ; Katsaros, Panagiotis ; Bozga, Marius ; Georgiadis, Christos 
72017Privacy-preserving collaborative recommendations based on random perturbationsPolatidis, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Pimenidis, Elias ; Mouratidis, Haralambos 
82017A Survey on Access Control Mechanisms in E-commerce EnvironmentsVasiliadis, Christos G. ; Georgiadis, Christos 
92017A method for privacy-preserving collaborative filtering recommendationsGeorgiadis, Christos ; Polatidis, Nikolaos ; Mouratidis, Haralambos ; Pimenidis, Elias 
102017A dynamic multi-level collaborative filtering method for improved recommendationsPolatidis, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos 
112017Privacy-preserving recommendations in context-aware mobile environmentsPolatidis, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Pimenidis, Elias ; Stiakakis, Emmanouil 
1215-Apr-2016A multi-level collaborative filtering method that improves recommendationsPolatidis, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos 
132016Utilizing Linked Open Data for Web Service Selection and Composition to Support e-Commerce TransactionsVesyropoulos, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Pimenidis, Elias 
142016Users’ perceptions about mobile security breachesStiakakis, Emmanouil ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Andronoudi, Anna 
151-Dec-2015A method for privacy-preserving context-aware mobile recommendationsPolatidis, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Pimenidis, Elias ; Stiakakis, Emmanouil 
1615-Jun-2015A ubiquitous recommender system based on collaborative filtering and social networking dataPolatidis, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos 
171-Jan-2015Factors affecting customers' perceptions and firms' decisions concerning online fast food orderingPapaioannou, Eugenia ; Georgiadis, Christos ; Moschidis, Odysseas ; Manitsaris, Athanasios 
182015Utilizing Business Intelligence and Social Media Streams for optimized Web Service CompositionsPapoutsoglou, Maria C. ; Vesyropoulos, Nikolaos ; Georgiadis, Christos 
1930-Jun-2014Online reviews as a feedback mechanism for hotel CRM systemsAssimakopoulos, Costas ; Papaioannou, Eugenia ; Sarmaniotis, Christos ; Georgiadis, Christos 
202014Can e-Government Applications Contribute to Performance Improvement in Public Administration?Pimenidis, Elias ; Georgiadis, Christos